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Am I suited for DIY study? Take the brief test… True Sometimes False
1. I am distracted easily by classmates
2. I have a busy schedule
3. I don’t have much money to study
4. I am thrifty with my money
5. I’m taking the official test next month or earlier  
6. I am disappointed with the quality of teachers in Taiwan
7. I am hardworking
8. The IELTS test is an integral part of my future
9. I am independent in many aspects of my life  
10. I have taken IELTS preparation classes before  
11. I don’t like to be told what to do  
12. I work better when I am pushed by a teacher
13. I am a team player
14. I am afraid to speak English
15. My English level is low
16. I haven't taken the official IELTS test before  
17. I get nervous easily in tests
18. I like to ask questions
19. I’m not a good problem solver
20. I’m afraid of new tech nologies
21. I’m sociable.
Questions 1-11; True = 2 points, Sometimes = 1 point, False = 0 points
Questions 12-21; True = 0 points, Sometimes = 1 point, False = 2 points
Extracurricular activities are vital in language apprehension. Simply going to classes is not enough to guarantee a good IELTS score. Although teachers may provide you with a lot of information and you may also get assistance from classmates without consolidation and review, you are simply wasting your time and money. It is very rare to hear of someone learning in an instance so you must do some review and consolidation everyday. Below are some activities you can do on your own to extend your learning. Remember the more you study the faster you will progress and the more you practice the less you will need to rely on luck.
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