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A: Good morning, Can I help you?
How can I help you?

Need any help?

B: I wonder if you could tell/help me…
我在想你是否可以告訴 / 幫我 …
A: Yes, I'd like to (= I want to ) enroll/register/make a reservation/place an order…
我想要註冊 / 預約 / 訂貨 …
B: All right, please give me some more details…

I need to take down a few more details from you first…

I need to get a few preliminary details…

好的 , 我需要多一些你的資料 …
A: Where you're from?
B: I'm from Britain/Australia/New Zealand / India …

A: Would you please (=Can you) spell your name for me?

A: Can you tell me your mother's maiden name?
可以告訴我妳母親的娘家姓嗎 ?

A: Where do you live now?


A: Okay, let's move on to your job/education…

好吧 , 讓我們開始談談妳的工作部份 …

B: I'm very interested in becoming…. in the future.

我有志在未來能夠成為 …


A: Can you tell me your mobile phone number?

contact phone number?

present address?
可以告訴我妳的手機號碼嗎? /聯絡電話/現居地址

A: Okay, everything looks just fine / sounds just right …thanks for coming in.

嗯 , 一切看 / 聽起來 相當不錯 … 謝謝你來 .

A: Sorry to bother you, but…
很抱歉要麻煩你 …
Sorry to interrupt you…
很抱歉打擾你 …
I need a little help form you…
我需要你幫我一個小忙 …
I know you're busy, but have you got a moment?
我知道你很忙 , 但可以給我一點點時間嗎 ?
A: I have a much clearer picture now.
我現在更加清楚了 .
A: I am here for…
我來此的目的是 …
A: If I were you, I'd
如果我是你 , 我會 …
A: Thank you / Thanks a lot / Thank you very much for your time.
如果我是你 , 我會 …
B: Not at all,
一點也不 .
It's my pleasure.
No Problem.
A: It sounds interesting… tell me more about…
聽起來真有趣 … 多告訴我一些 …
A: Well, as I mentioned before,
as what I said earlier,
A: I see/ understand.
我了解了 .
I know what you mean.
我明白你的意思 .

A: Sorry, I don't quite understand…

Sorry, I don't get it…
抱歉 , 我不了解 …
What do you mean by that?
A: You're probably right, I never thought of that…
你也許是對的 , 我倒是從未那樣想過 .
A: Tell me how's everything going?
告訴我一切進行的如何 ?
Tell me how things went on the day?
告訴我那天事情發生的如何 ?
A: How do you like to pay for it?
你想要如何付款 ?
What method of payment is most convenient for you? Cash or Charge?
哪一種付款的方式對你來說最方便 ? 是付現金還是刷卡 ?

B: I'd like to pay by cash/ by charge/by check (major credit cards).

我要付現金 / 信用卡 / 支票 .

A: I'd like to open an account.

我要開戶 .

A: Are there any criteria?

有什麼規定嗎 ?

A: Well. Not really/ not certainly / not necessarily right.

嗯 , 倒也不 / 不一定 / 不一定完全是如此
A: It's difficult to say/ it's hard to say.
很難說 .

A: I suppose that's correct/right.

我想那該是正確的 .

A; I've just turned 20.

剛滿 20 歲 .

A: I need to ask you a few social questions.

(Social questions 常指運動 休閑 娛樂 … 等的問題 )

Ex: How often do you play tennis? I'll say at least twice a week.

你多久會打一次網球? 我想一星期至少2次吧.

A: What was the problem?

問題在哪裡 ?

Is there any problem?

有什麼問題嗎 ?

What happened? / What'’s the matter?

怎麼了 ?

B: I find this all very interesting/depressing!

我發現 ( 覺得 ) 這一切都很有趣 / 令人沮喪

A: I'd rather / I prefer to leave for London by the end of May.

我比較希望五月底前往倫敦 .

A: It will be a lot more expensive for a direct-flight air ticket!

直飛班機的機票貴很多 !
B:How much you're talking about?
你的意思是 ( 究竟是 ) 多少錢 ?
A: At least US$ 1500.
至少美金 1 千五百元 .
B: Is it the most reasonable price?
這是最合理的價錢嗎 ?
A: It looks like a pretty good deal to me.
我覺得這價錢相當不錯 .
B: It is way over my budget.
這超出我的預算太多 .

A: What do you mean?

什麼意思 ?
What exactly do you mean by that?
你那麼說到底是什麼意思 ?

A: I feel as if I 'm…

我覺得我好像是 …

A: It took me 3 months to put this essay together.

我花了三個月才把這篇文章整理 ( 寫 ) 好 .
B: But it was well worth it.
但是很值得呀 .
A: Yes, on the whole I am happy with it.
是啊 , 整個來說我對此很開心 .

A: Okay, Let's go over again

好吧 , 讓我們從頭再來過一遍 .

A: I think you should keep the questions themselves very simple

我想你應該讓問題的本身保持其單純化 .

A: Have you been waiting long?
The sudden rain had caught me; otherwise, I would have been early.

你等了很久嗎 ? 這驟雨可把我困住了 , 否則 , 我早就到了 .

A: We haven't really got that much time.

我們真的沒有那麼多的時間 .

A: As far as I know…

就我所知 …

A: Her speech is interesting and rather funny.

她的演講既有趣又非常好笑 .

A: I've started trying to…

我剛開始試著去 …

A: How long will it take me to …

這要花費我多久的時間 …

A: I have no idea when I'll finish it.

我完全不知道我什麼時候可以完成它 .
B: Same with me.
我也是 .

A: She lives in the heart of the city.

她住在市中心 .

A: How's school? Chemistry must be really hard!

學校的課業如何?化學想必十分困難吧. .
B: Actually, I changed my subject; I wasn't doing chemistry any more.
事實上 , 我換了主修科目 , 我不再修化學了 .
A: I'd like to go through your CV again.
我想再看過你的履歷一次 .

A: Why have you applied for this position?

你為何要應徵這個職位呢 ?

A: What have you been doing since you finished your degree?

你修完學位後都做了些甚麼 ?

A: We have only got 5 days left to finish writing our project report.

我們僅剩 5 天可完成我們的設計報告

A: I don’t think you are being very fair / nice.

我不認為你現在這樣是公平的 / 客氣 ( 親切 ) 的 .
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