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初秋八月 愛丁堡藝術節英語的演變異國婚姻 HOME
初秋八月 愛丁堡藝術節
According to many people, one of the main benefits of international travel is the opportunity for sharing cultural knowledge and experiences. The Edinburgh International Festival offers a unique chance to see extremely high quality cultural performances in an almost infinite variety of combinations. Moreover, Edinburgh is phenomenally beautiful, a fact which stems from both its situation, built upon a group of ancient volcanic hills, and its architectural elegance...
So you are all studying English. English, English, English, all the time. IELTS, PET, CAE, TOEFL, high school, bushibans and so on. Have you ever wondered what is this language you all need to study? Where did it all come from? How did it develop from a very minor language spoken by only a small population in England to the world's only candidate for a world language: the language of international business, aviation, and many industries (oil, computer, travel ..etc.. ) ; a language growing more important every year? Well, in this short essay I'll try to answer these questions...
黃皮膚的危險,白皮膚的驚嚇 – 中外聯姻
By Julian Charles
"We thought you were going to bring home a little Muslim girl for a while there," my mum said jokingly, but with a definite tone of relief. I was home from Bangladesh after a year there and in India, during which time I had been seriously seeing a Bengali girl. I was back in civilisation (Australia) again and engaged to a good, white Christian girl … safe from the clutches of mysterious oriental types...
For Flight Attendants Everywhere 空服員心事知多少
By Julian Charles
"Cabin crew prepare for take-off!" - this one line is sure to get my heart beating at 900kph.
I really feel people aren't meant to fly. During take-off and landing and dinner and all through the movie, I start believing in God and pray like crazy. I dig my fingernails into the arm of my aisle seat - I always try to get an aisle seat, because it's closer to the emergency exit...
翻譯:Kevin Yu
As a kid I thought of Taiwan as a place that makes toys, really cool toys at that. I just loved my Buddy L cars and trucks that, for an elementary school kid, seemed indestructible. I still have them. As I got older Taiwan became a tropical Paradise:you know, all islands must have palm trees, white beaches and so on. Well, as it turns out, Taiwan is not one of those although Kenting is always mentioned and I do admit it is beautiful but it just doesn't fit into my category of Tropical Island...
By Geoff Taylor 中譯: 游博良
Good curries aren't made – they're born. You have to nurture them and let them develop their own individual personality. It's no good just tossing a bunch of different stuff into a pot together and cooking it; you've got to show a little tenderness, like you would with a lover. If you take your time and don't rush the process, the results can be literally breathtaking...
White Trash in Taiwan
By Julian Charles
It's 9.41 I finished teaching approximately 37.3 seconds ago and I'm pulling a Superman-in-reverse between the buckled fender of a one of those little blue trucks(Usually seen with a steady stream of lumpy red juice pouring from the driver's side window)and a closed dumpling stand. The sky has just opened on me again and I'm diving headlong into my rainbow-coloured riding gear...
Idioms are usually a short phrase or expression and they are used to express something normal in an unusual way. They are used in everyday English expressions and we can hear many of them on a daily basis. Some idioms use the name of an animal and below are a few examples that native English speakers everywhere will recognise...
Colour Idioms
當你的外國朋友跟你說"Let's paint the town red"時,你是否一臉疑惑為什麼要把"城鎮漆成紅色",或者當你聽到"Once in a blue moon",是否困惑何謂 "藍色月亮"?在日常生活會話中,俚語總是扮演著吃重的角色,也往往有畫龍點睛之效,它點出了人與事的處境,情緒或行為,今天,且讓我們一同在色彩中略窺究竟吧...
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